About The IASM

Founded in 1983 as a “not for profit” trade association, IASM was founded by visionaries in the structural moving business.

IASM's History

Founded in 1983 as a “not for profit” trade association, IASM was the brainchild of visionaries in the structural moving business. Today, we proudly represent a membership base of over 300 members, spanning countries like Argentina, Australia, Canada, Greece, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The IASM Board of Directors

IASM's board of directors ensures that every decision aligns with the IASM's mission and vision. This Board is dedicated to fair representation, with members chosen based on equal geographical distribution across North America.
Mark Reimer
Reimer Building Movers
Gregory McCulloch
Vice President
Laurie McCulloch Building Moving
Michael Faye
Kikiaola Construction Co
Matthew Sundeen
Maguire Agency
Thomas Abry
Abry Brothers, Inc
Stephen Bray
Bray’s House Moving, Inc
Gator Dodson
Dodson House Moving
Al Hof
A H Contracting
Steven Hauck II
SJ Hauck Construction
John Jepsen
Jepsen Structural
Sean Payne
Payne Construction Services, Inc
Don Toothman, Jr.
Toothman Structure Movers

The IASM Committee Members

Committees within IASM play a pivotal role in the intricate workings and success of the association. Acting as specialized task forces, these committees delve deep into specific areas of concern or interest for IASM.
Executive Steering
  • Mark Reimer, Chair
  • Gregory McCulloch
  • Mike Faye
  • Matt Sundeen
Critical Issues
  • Michael Faye, Chair IBC
  • Don Toothman, Jr, Chair Flood Issues
  • Steven Hauck II
  • Sean Payne
  • Gator Dodson
  • Stephen Bray, Chair
  • Sean Payne
  • Gator Dodson
  • Al Hof
  • Don Toothman, Chair
  • Stephen Bray
  • Sean Payne
  • Pat McCann
Website Development
  • Gator Dodson, Chair
  • Mark Reimer
Spouse  & Family Group
  • Raelynn Reimer,  Co-Chair
  • Melissa McCulloch,  Co-Chair
  • Colleen Faye
  • Missy Payne
  • Susan Toothman
  • Karen Sundeen
  • Teresa Bray
  • Michelle Hof
  • Deanna DeVooght
  • Katherine Abry
  • Skylar  Hauck
  • Steven Hauck II, Chair
  • Thomas Abry
  • Gator Dodson
  • John Jepsen,  co-chair
  • Al Hof, co-chair
  • Matt Sundeen
  • Jason DeVooght
  • Mark Reimer, Chair
  • Thomas Abry
  • Matt Sundeen, Chair
  • Greg McCulloch
  • Greg McCulloch,  Chair
  • John Jepsen
  • Don Toothman

Who Are Structural Movers?

Structural movers are professionals adept at relocating diverse structures - from lighthouses to libraries. This complex task demands meticulous planning, mathematical prowess, and geometric understanding. The industry, a significant recycler, positively impacts job creation, historical preservation, and more.

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